EPR Paradox

Simulated non-local EPR correlation: CHSH = 3

By replacing Dirac spin with a quaternion spin, Nature becomes local and real.  Here is a paper on the simulation. Simulated non-local EPR correlation: CHSH = 3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7viaj6yio5g4mu/EPR_Sim.pdf?dl=0 (I display the link because some people cannot see the colour) I... Read more

EPR Paradox

Nobel prize for quantum weirdness.

Bell's Inequality: The weirdest theorem in the world  Nobel Prize 2022 The title of the following podcast shows the authors do not understand much about Bell. https://youtu.be/9OM0jSTeeBg #qiskit #ibm #nobelprize This video is fundamentally flawed and should be retracted. The... Read more

EPR Paradox

Wait-a-second Bob!

Here I present a paper with nothing new.  It simply follows the steps of non-local collapse of the wavefunction which leads to the wrong result.  Hence we reject non-local collapse as a feasible process.  Bell's Theorem predicts non-local collapse, so... Read more

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Rain in Ukraine

Photo by   Alexei Scutari Rain in Ukraine By Bryan Sanctuary May 16, 2022 It rained today, it started light but thunder rumbled soon, The land lay back to drink the gift and planned its coming bloom. The humid air with... Read more

EPR Paradox

Hyper-helicity and the foundations of QM.

When I stumbled upon hyper-helicity as the missing element of reality that completes spin, I did not anticipate the gob smacking consequences.  This paper is 12 pages and is descriptive and pedagogical. It is longer than I wanted, but you... Read more

EPR Paradox

Visualization of quaternions

Quaternions are difficult to visualize because they exist in a four dimensional hypersphere, S^3 beyond our full perception.  Mainly for this reason, they have not been in the regular science curriculum for a hundred years.  To avoid gimbal lock in... Read more

EPR Paradox

Non-Hermitian coherent hyperspin

Non-Hermitian coherent hyperspin The following paper has nothing to do with Bell or his work.  It is purely QFT treatment of the Dirac equation with the consequences of changing the symmetry from SU(2) to the quaternion group Q^8, here it... Read more

EPR Paradox

The Non-local debate–hyperhelicity and quantum weirdness

Thank you for those who read my paper Spin with hyperhelicity, and made comments.  I have commented on the Google Groups, but here I want to pull the comments together and make any remarks. Here is my summary of responses. ... Read more

EPR Paradox

Hyperhelicity–the completion of spin.

I agree that further delays are unwarranted.  I looked at F1000 and could find nothing in fundamental physics.  I will post them here and wait for the journal. The first paper is:                   Spin with... Read more

EPR Paradox

Bell’s Blunder

I want to apologise for not having my papers out yet.  I should have waited, but my enthusiasm got the better of me and I wanted to share. I naïvely thought that a Journals would be happy to at least... Read more

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