Beyond the Dawn.


Bryan Sanctuary

December 29, 2021


I feel an eerie frost descend

     to freeze the morning dew,

The sunlight scatters in sparkling rays

     To polarize my view.


The dancing light lifts my heart,

    In ways I cannot know,

But Nature seems to work it out,

   To bring that light to soul.


Our senses give us all we know,

    From which we must perceive.

But can we know or formulate

    Beyond what sense receives?


There lies beyond our normal ken,

   Real things we are not suited.

With blinkered eyes we forge a view

      That’s incomplete and muted.


But from this prop there’s something wrong,

     What should be up is down,

We don’t know why, we make a guess,

     But there’s no way around.


The unknown leaves us all agog,

    Some turn to God for hope.

The cults arise, the dark obscures

     That for which we grope.


But they are there, the subtle points,

     and some can see the shift,

A different place, a different space

     That project their hints of rift.


Now I see the sparkling rays,

    So soothing on my eyes,

They spin right through and carry code

    And there remains no lies.






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