Bryan Sanctuary
May 1972

Past our narrow realm of knowledge,
And out beyond our dell,
I wonder if a thought exists,
Or if there is a smell.

Maybe noses see the light,
And eyes can feel the warmth,
Maybe fingers hear the wind,
Perhaps our taste buds talk.

Inside our realm of cognisance,
Inside our padded cell,
We know the smells and pass them by
My eyes see very well.

I wonder if we could make love,
Or if we found instead,
That love was really inside out,
And we follow a different thread.

But you are in my local scene,
And so is apple pie.
Do we ever stop to think
And ask the question why?

Out beyond the stagnant womb,
I want to join your shape,
I want my eyes inside your warmth,
Let me touch your voice.

Give my nose a thought or two,
Let our taste buds slide,
Across the silver edge of moon,
That makes our fingers cry.

Feel the glow within our hearts,
With interchanged aortas,
And let’s be one in other ways,
With feet on solid water.

See if lips can really speak,
Or if it is our tongue.
Or if it a force within
That never should be wrong.

Feel my body inside your chest,
Hold each other’s organs,
Change our skin, give me your eyes,
Share each other’s fortunes.

Take away our frontal skulls,
Put our heads together,
Do not speak, but take my brain,
Hook us both forever.

Inside our apple a copy is made,
A mixture of us two,
And in the space filled in between.
We happily blend anew.

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