Bryan Sanctuary
February 1st, 1967

When the rain beats down and I feel depressed
And the sky is grey, and the walls are drab,
Out of my window bare twigs rattle
As if my thoughts are loose in my head.

When the world is quiet but for the rain,
And no light brightens the words refrain,
That make no sense but conjure my mind
So swirled like leaves at autumn time.

They bring up thoughts I’d rather forget
That grip my throat and wet my eyes,
Things now gone that cannot return,
And the bare twigs hear the passing of lies.

When all this happens, and I can’t go on,
I shut out the world with my eyes and my ears.
I think of the spring or some faraway place,
where everyone cares with love in their tears.

Where life is still work, but not such a chore,
Where hope overcomes the perils of war,
Where hunger is gone and poverty fades,
And we work with each other for happier ways.

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