Bryan Sanctuary 1966

Suppose you stand upon a shore
Across the sea of time,
I’ll cross and come up to your side,
And take your hand in mine.

So often when your nearness comes
And I remember all,
I see how fast your nearness fades,
Like cold invades the Fall

But still in all the cold that tries
To creep around me so,
The warmth of our so treasured love
Keeps out the early snow.

But still the worst is yet to come
And hardest all to bear,
The lonely weeks without a sign
Of how we really care.

Through hours that always seem to stay
And days that linger on,
I plough my path through cruel ways
And wait for only one.


As it must that day does come
And brings a simple sign.
A sudden warmth, a sweet sad smile
A tingle up the spine.

Then slowly come the little things,
That fill our daily lives,
All beauty starts to bloom and sing
To sweep away past strife.


And when at last we stand alone
Your eyes look into mine,
Without a word, without a sound
Our open hearts entwine.

For now we stand upon the shore
Beyond that sea of time.
And I bend down to kiss your lips
And take your hand in mine.

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