Bryan Sanctuary
February 13, 2021

The days gone bye, the days to come,
The time we take today.
The things that come, be what they may,
Are too soon passed away.

The moon goes high, then goes back down,
The tides respond in phase.
The morning hues, the evening shades,
Give pause to changing ways.

It may be long, it might be slow,
Yet deep inside the quest,
The answers there, but hidden so
You can but try your best.

But if it comes, that Golden Way,
To reveal its magic goal,
You revel in its wondrous soul,
That beckons you to follow through,
So you might find what’s hidden deep,
The answers clear, the knowledge pure
A treasure there for you to keep,
And when you have it, you can but weep
It took so very long for you to seek.

To know the truth, and hear the voice
That comes with words sincere,
But can you hear, but can we catch
The lesson that is real?

The mirror shows, yet incomplete
To reflect an image clear.
But darkly does that image show
What really is sincere.

So though we look, we cannot see,
And words cannot be breached.
A message missed, a path unused,
A wholeness never reached.

Inside you then, the prisoned thoughts
Are trapped and cannot rise,
And left unheeded, they suffer on,
To suffocate inside.

But let them out, let them be free
And hear their true response,
They may be shocked by light of day,
And perish away at once.

Yet some take hold, and guide you on,
A few you want to keep.
They fill your mind; to make you whole,
With bonds that run so deep

The nights gone bye, the nights to come,
The time of yesteryear.
The things that went, be what they may
Mold us in hope and fear.

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