Bryan Sanctuary
February 8, 1972

It rises up and falls away
And the leaves flick from green to grey.
Always it happens, the wind from the sea
Catches your heart and swirls it from me.

“Oh, where is the darkness, the blue turned to dusk?
Oh, when shall I capture the meaning of dust?”

Tell me my gypsy, please let me know why,
Stop dancing a moment, must your heels fly?
But oh, not for long, just delay for a while
And tell me the secret, let me taste of your style.

“I dance in the seasons, I sing in the sky,
Should I stop dancing to tell you why?”

Your dresses are colored and about you they flow,
Your hair is so dark, but your eyes sparkle so.
Slow down your quick dance, please give me your hand
For only you can tell me, of life and of sand.

“Do you see yonder, the dancing has ceased,
No, some still swirl slowly, but fewer it seems.”

Please slow your fast tempo, yes now take my hand
And teach me your dance upon the soft sand,
Teach me the secrets, oh carry me away,
I feel your soft movements; I feel us both sway.

“I dance for my pleasure, come dance with me now,
I don’t have to teach you, you already know how.”

See how I’ve learned, oh the joy of your dances!
Now come close to my ear and whisper the answers.
I see your eyes laugh, like flickering black coal,
Speak and sing to me, let me know of your soul,

“My body is darkness, I dance to the dusk,
Time my dear lover is the essence of dust.”

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