Bryan Sanctuary 1967

When you were very young and small
And opened up your mind,
You saw the gentle loving face
Of your dad, and his smile was kind.

He picked you up and bounced you
With strong and slender hands,
You laughed into his sad brown eyes
You could not understand.

The guiding ways he showed you,
To help you on your way,
The loving words he always had,
And things he need not say.

He gave you many quiet gifts,
You thanked him with your grins.
He looked at you with father’s pride
To have his daughter by his side.

As you grew up, and he was there
To show and help you know
To give to others, to speak the truth,
To know where not to go.

He taught you how to be yourself,
To treasure what you had.
He showed you trust and humble ways
The honest ways he had.

You did not need to ask your dad,
You see his eyes and know,
His tender love was why he’s sad,
For you, and wherever you may go.

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