And he said…


Bryan Sanctuary 1962-63 High School


I ask you brother…


“What do you feel when all in a rush

People trample you down not

Giving a damn or caring or

Thinking just going

And saying ‘to

Hell with that

Someone, he’s

Just a


And I’m better

Than him, cuz I’ve got

What it takes’, and sudden,

Too soon, you’ve left all alone,

With nothing but thoughts of what they

Have done

                  As you

                              Lie in

                                       Your grief.”

I ask you sister,

“What can you say when you’re left in the

World by men who don’t care, even

You so fair, with eyes full of

Tears, your face soft

And mild and

Your womb

Full with


Once what

Was love is now

Cold and so old, and you

Find that their truth is bent like

Your back

                                                                          Which you

Tried to keep



I’ll tell you both now,

“Love for yourself, be selfish, be

Cruel, take what is yours.

And when you have

Done find some-

one to love.

And love


Your mind

 Grasp each other’s

 Soul and keep it for you, say

‘to hell with the world” and “let there be peace.”


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