To Charles Bennett,

Your 1993 paper on quantum teleportation, below, makes use of non-local collapse, Eq.(4), or basically,

“If Alice is up then Bob is instantly down.”  over space-time.

This concept is fundamentally flawed.  It is based upon Bell’s Theorem, which I have disproven.  Although it is not published yet, it will be.

I would first be interested to know why you believe in non-local collapse and the existence “EPR” channels?

I hope you will debate this with me because I believe that such an exchange will be enlightening to people in Quantum Information Theory, and they seek clarity.

Bennett, C. H., Brassard, G., Crépeau, C., Jozsa, R., Peres, A., & Wootters, W. K. (1993). Teleporting an unknown quantum state via dual classical and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen channels. Physical review letters70(13), 1895.

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