EPR Paradox

The Non-local debate–hyperhelicity and quantum weirdness

Thank you for those who read my paper Spin with hyperhelicity, and made comments.  I have commented on the Google Groups, but here I want to pull the comments together and make any remarks. Here is my summary of responses. ... Read more

EPR Paradox

Hyperhelicity–the completion of spin.

I agree that further delays are unwarranted.  I looked at F1000 and could find nothing in fundamental physics.  I will post them here and wait for the journal. The first paper is:                   Spin with... Read more

EPR Paradox

Joy Christian’s approach to disproof of Bell’s Theorem

Joy Christian has a new paper https://arxiv.org/abs/2204.10288 called: Symmetric Derivation of the Singlet Correlations within a Quaternionic 3-sphere In response to my note about Bell’s Blunder, Joy sent me the above paper which I read with interest to see what... Read more

EPR Paradox

Bell’s Blunder

I want to apologise for not having my papers out yet.  I should have waited, but my enthusiasm got the better of me and I wanted to share. I naïvely thought that a Journals would be happy to at least... Read more

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