Non-Hermitian coherent hyperspin

The following paper has nothing to do with Bell or his work.  It is purely QFT treatment of the Dirac equation with the consequences of changing the symmetry from SU(2) to the quaternion group Q^8, here it is:  Non-Hermitian coherent hyperspin    .

It should be of interest to anyone who knows the Dirac equation and his anti-matter arguments.

Helicity update

Ten days ago I phenomenologically introduced a missed property of spin, its  hyperhelicity  or helicity.  This is not the usual definition of helicity and its state is a unit quaternion that spins the spin axis in the S^3 hypersphere.  It accounts for the quantum correlation that leads to the violation of Bell’s Inequalities, and therefore disproves Bell’s theorem by counter example.  There were essentially two issues raised:

Richard Gill rejects the counterexample and although he agrees that Bell said  ” ..and if it is local it will not agree with QM”  he asserts that helicity is not a counterexample because I am doing QM and Bell did classical mechanics. (I do not get that). I have mentioned that I have no objection to Bell’s math and indeed Bell’s theorem is relevant to classical computing based on the assumption that the “flags are always flying”  (spin is always either up or dn.)  Bell’s Theorem is no longer applicable to quantum mechanics.

We are now challenged to find algorithms that simultaneously describe both polarization and coherence.  QM cannot do it, Bell says it is impossible, but Nature can do it, and so should we.  That is what Chantal and Pierre are now looking into.  Richard asserts they will fail.

Jan-Åke Larsson rejects the counter example because my subsequent  “Analysis of quantum weirdness” does not (yet) give a click-by-click simulation and no mechanism yet.  Strange since Jan-Åke accepts non-locality even though it has no mechanism; is called “quantum weirdness” and “Spooky action-at-a-distance”; it makes no physical sense (because it is wrong);  and requires revelation.

There were no further negative remarks, but of course I am interested to hear all comments, negative and positive.




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