Photo by   Alexei Scutari

Rain in Ukraine
Bryan Sanctuary
May 16, 2022

It rained today, it started light but thunder rumbled soon,
The land lay back to drink the gift and planned its coming bloom.
The humid air with white warm mist lingers when it stops.
The land turns green, the birds give song, with final drips and drops

I wondered here and filled my mind with joy at Nature’s gift.
The sun comes through with dazzling light, you feel the weather shift.
The mist gives up its humid cloak over land profuse and wide.
The well has swelled, the church bell knelled, with life on every side.

The wheat grows high in fields so vast, they span beyond my gaze,
The blue sky meets the golden crop with rippling  breeze it waves.
Our cattle grow, the roosters crow, the horses gently graze,
A school bus comes, with flashing lights, our precious kids we raise.

The land so lush it brings forth life, we thank our peace and joy,
So many friends who lend a hand and give their time of day,
And so do you and build your home, and begat a girl and boy,
To fill our lives and give them start to find a better way.

We thought the blue above the gold would never cease to give
But darkness comes with thunder more, but not from Nature’s dread.
The sky turns dark, we huddle close as friends no longer come,
We make some plans, but now its hard to keep my family fed.

“I had a house, it was so small, we built when we were young.
With flowers in front, spuds in back, and bees that sometime stung.
Now it’s gone, got blown away, I fear what else to rue.
But you should know at that same time, they shot my husband too.”

It rained today, it started light but thunder rumbled soon,
The land held back as if it knew it could no longer bloom.
The humid air with red warm mist lingers when it stops.
The land lay black, the birds are gone, with blood in drips and drops.

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One reply on “Rain in Ukraine”

  • May 21, 2022 at 1:41 pm

    That is a lovely poem and a gorgeous photograph. Who took the picture? I would like to use it and of course I would like to attribute its provenance properly