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Rain in Ukraine

Photo by   Alexei Scutari Rain in Ukraine By Bryan Sanctuary May 16, 2022 It rained today, it started light but thunder rumbled soon, The land lay back to drink the gift and planned its coming bloom. The humid air with... Read more

Logging Camp 1962-3

cat and bat

For two summers, 1962 and 1963, I worked in a logging camp.  It was located at Alice Lake, (not far from Bob’s Lake), about 30 minutes by float plane from Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, on the mainland. The men,... Read more

Logging Camp 1962-3

The Tree

The logging camp had the policy that we worked for 10 days and got 4 days off. The crew would all leave to let off steam, and it saved on air travel. I had no-where to go and Vancouver was... Read more

Logging Camp 1962-3

The Jam at the Flume

In 1962-63 at a logging camp in Northern B.C., we transported logs from the lake to a river via a ¼ mile flume. The dam by the lake was opened, and the logs pushed down. My job was to watch... Read more

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