Songs of the EPR paradox

Beyond the Dawn.

 Beyond the Dawn.ByBryan SanctuaryDecember 29, 2021 I feel an eerie frost descend     to freeze the morning dew,The sunlight scatters in sparkling rays     To polarize my view. The dancing light lifts my heart,    In ways I cannot know,But Nature seems to work it... Read more

Songs of the EPR paradox

To know it’s real

By Bryan Sanctuary December 13, 2021 Within the bounds set by science, I gaze with growing wonder At what’s revealed and finally comes, From many years of ponder. And ponder, yes, it can’t be helped, For the rewards are far... Read more

Songs of the EPR paradox

The Days Gone Bye

By Bryan Sanctuary February 13, 2021 The days gone bye, the days to come, The time we take today. The things that come, be what they may, Are too soon passed away. The moon goes high, then goes back down,... Read more

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