Songs of my salad years


By Bryan Sanctuary October1967Have you felt the softness,And touched it with your lips?Have you seen the blackness,Slip through your fingertips?Have you seen the morning dewIn the corner of a flower?And have you felt a filling warmthIn any special hour?I felt... Read more

Songs of my salad years

Memories of May

Sometimes the days are carefree       When springtime fills the air, And time stands still in blue and green       While dappled shades dance everywhere To liven up the scene.   Silent boats slip slowly by       Across the hazy... Read more


My Poetry 1962-1974

I started writing poetry when I attended Delbrook High School in North Vancouver in 1962-3. My English-40 teachers, whose name I cannot recall, encouraged it. At the same time, I frequented the Inquisition Coffee House on Seymour Street in Vancouver,... Read more

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I started this blog in January of 2022. My old blogs are still available from the pull-down menu above. I stopped blogging for some time, but now will be back.

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