Bryan Sanctuary 1962-3 high school

Let’s play a game of fantasy of things that never are’

“We’d might king and queen, with a castle and a guard,
In our kingdom we’d justly rule, we’d ride about the garden.
You’d smile at me and I’d nod to you
As we grant the people pardons.”

“We might live in different times, and go the different places,
And everything would be changed, as we pass by different faces.
We’d laugh at different dream-world jokes, and dance to strange new tunes.
As we live a carefree different love, which we’d shout to the clouds above.”

“We’d sail on far off seas and climb up silver mountains.
We’d build a cabin by a stream and wash in a forest fountain.
There we’d stay together in never changing times,
And live in total happiness and you’d be truly mine”

Let’s play a game of fantasy of that’s that never are.

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