Bryan Sanctuary 1963-age 17

I saw you first so pure and sweet
As you walked by one day.
But you weren’t mine to hold or kiss
Until the month of May.

Before you were a perfect dream,
I’d muse and ponder over
I’d look and think and feel just like
Sad leaves in cold October.

Then one day I felt a warmth
Which gave my heart a thrill,
A little kiss from your soft lips
And I was in April.

Though moist April and budding May
I held your soft kind hand.
I fell in love—so simply said,
As birds flocked to this land.

Your beauty grace, the way you walk,
And all your quaint fine flaws,
Your lips your hands, you soft gray eyes,
You follow all the laws.

Now I’m happy and bouyed with life
Because I have your love
Spring will finish and birds will go
But not our binding love.

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