Bryan Sanctuary
August 4th, 1972

Tell me what the heart feels
And tell me of the joy,
To hold for the first time
Your new-born baby boy.

The worried look upon my face
As I held her squeezing hand.
“Another pain” she smiled to me,
So many she must withstand.

“Oh no!” she says, “They are so strong
But so will be our son.
For you and him, just let them come,
I love them, every one.”

But now the beads are on her brow,
I gently call her name.
I feel her slender fingers clasp,
With each and stronger pain.

I cannot stem the flow of tears
That well up in my eyes,
When I first saw his swaddled face
and the sound of his tiny cries.

The joy to know they are your life,
And see we all are one,
Together, us three, me and my wife
And our beautiful newborn son.

I cannot find the words to tell
But look into my eyes,
Listen to the swallow’s wings,
So beats my heart with pride.

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