Bryan Sanctuary
December 13, 2021

Within the bounds set by science,
I gaze with growing wonder
At what’s revealed and finally comes,
From many years of ponder.

And ponder, yes, it can’t be helped,
For the rewards are far and wide
Of grasping Nature’s reality,
I never can subside.

And some they mock, and make a joke
As in my folly I fail
In seeking truth, they cry to me,
“There is no Holy Grail!”

Yet in my soul, within my ken,
Ideas take shape and form
That deeply are a part of me
I can rely on none.

Perhaps I listen, sometimes I talk,
And well I take the view
I’d give up all, if proven wrong,
I need a cogent cue.

And through the folly, the dead-end roads,
I trust despite the tempts,
It must emerge, present itself
And then our culture rends.

Within the limits of my id,
I maze with growing awe
At finding what’s within my bounds
What’s truly real for all.

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