Bryan Sanctuary
June 7, 1972

Forget about the city-wide,
Forget about the toil,
Come bathe with me in countryside,
Let me taste your fragrant oil.

Away with midnight thoughts he’d sail,
To see her through the mist.
Up to the heavens on a mythical trail,
He’d dance for her touch and her kiss.

The softness of the midnight moon,
Upon her ivory cheek,
The shiver of the first brief touch,
The hidden joys to seek.

The velvet sea of Lavender,
Rippled on her breast.
With turquoise shades and dappled leaves,
Their passions slowly crest.

Gentle thoughts and tender words,
Between their lips did ebb,
Like tides of happiness so new,
Upon the Heather bed.

The silver moon caressed the two,
And blessed them as they lay.
It gave them light of creamy dew,
And kept them from the day.

With honest thoughts and bodies pure
And hopes and joys complete,
A pledge of love, a gentle smile,
A promise again to meet.

The shadows of the early dawn
Creep slowly up the sky,
To light the lingering parting two,
And see them as they cry.

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