High School 1962-3


By Bryan Sanctuary 1962-3 high school Let’s play a game of fantasy of things that never are’ “We’d might king and queen, with a castle and a guard, In our kingdom we’d justly rule, we’d ride about the garden. You’d... Read more

High School 1962-3


By Bryan Sanctuary 1962 and so said i ‘look, what do you see?’ said she, ‘a golden orb that isn’t true, like you and me.’ ‘no, you glanced—look – conceive the kind-red-soul’ and she said nothing but held my hand.... Read more


Cod Liver Oil

on thinking of cod’s liver this is what I don’t want to say since other’s will not listen if i don’t then I must; “i don’t like cod liver oil” did they hear?


On Waking up at Night

By Bryan Sanctuary May 1971 At night I hear the whistle blow When the land is very still. It lingers in the silent air And screams across the hill. It brings a shudder to my soul With anguish it does... Read more

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