I was bound by confidentiality while my paper was under review by Nature.  Now I can reveal the main point that rejects non-locality.

The abstact:

In this paper, using the basic concepts of superposition, wave-function collapse and non-local entanglement, we first demonstrate that in a coincidence EPR experiment, if a one second delay is introduced between the two measurements, then it is impossible to violate Bell’s inequalities. From this analysis, non-locality and Bell’s Theorem are rejected.

We then present an analysis of the local singlet state and compare its correlation to that of a separated pair of spins devoid of entanglement. In addition to angular momentum, we report a new property of spin, its handedness, or helicity, and this quantum coherence is shown to account for the quantum correlation that leads to the violation Bell’s inequalities. Upon separation, particles conserve linear momentum, angular momentum, handedness and correlation. In order to violate Bell’s inequalities, both polarization and coherence, incompatible elements of reality, must simultaneously exist.

A summary

Spin is not a Dirac point particle unless measured.  Here is a figure of a spin ½ in free flight:

It has the same geometric structure as a photon. The two axes of magnetization lie perpendicular to the linear momentum and the helicity is the spinning axis. Helicity, or handedness, is an additional property of spin that has been missed.  The correlation from handedness leads to the violation of Bell’s inequalities. Polarization and helicity are complementary elements of reality and simultaneously exist. The two conserve correlation between before and after the singlet decomposed.

The violation of Bell’s Inequalities is due entirely to the correlation due to handedness between Alice and Bob.  It has nothing to do with non-locality. The violation is due to an element of reality, i.e. helicity, a property we cannot measure, and a LHV.

For that reason, the conclusion follows that the violation of Bell’s Inequalities is evidence of Local Realism, just the opposite from what  Bell claimed!!

Zeilinger and Bennett missed the presence of helicity and mistakenly believed Bell’s Theorem.

In free flight, the spinning axis is generated by a unit quaternion, this means that spin has a fourth spatial dimension in the S3  hypersphere which is beyond our perception and measurement. Nature extends beyond our space time, where matter and energy lurk. Since we can only see the stereographic projection from quaternion hyperspace, it took almost 100 years to figure spin out.

Bell’s theorem is disproven almost incidentally by counter example.  His error was in his assumption of permanent polarization states of ±1, not math, just like von Neumann’s error in his assumption.

It follows that EPR is validated: QM is an incomplete description of Nature. Rather it is an elegant theory of measurement.  Stated otherwise, QM is a theory restricted to our space-time.

I have not included the math here, but it not challenging nor challengeable.

Starts off easy and builds a story

I did not write the paper for the experts but rather students, postdocs and young faculty.  On the other hand, the paper is unassailable by the experts.

The paper starts out at the undergrad quantum level and shows that non-local collapse is not viable.  Following that, the error in Bell’s theorem is pointed out. A geometric analysis of a spin ½ reveals its handedness.  A new law of Conservation of Geometric Correlation appears and is consistent with both polarizations and coherence  existing simultaneously as elements of reality. Copenhagen is rejected. I speculate about the quantum theory of gravity and I discuss aspects of the interpretations of QM.

Dirac’s equation describes a measured point particle of intrinsic angular momentum with SU(2) symmetry, and does not admit handedness. In a separate paper, in preparation, I find a more fundamental Dirac Equation which gives the helicity, with the symmetry being the quaternion group Q8 .

All this shows that non-locality cannot be supported, hence Quantum Info Theory must accept that Teleportation and quantum cryptography are not viable.  Qubits neglect handedness and include polarizations that communicate via teleportation (which is not feasible).  Qubits must be replaced by Coherent, or C-bits, which are simply quaternions.

There is a lot more, I will post my paper asap, but for now this is enough.  I need a few more days to finish some things up.  Hope this helps you get an idea of what lies beyond our perception.

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