When I stumbled upon hyper-helicity as the missing element of reality that completes spin, I did not anticipate the gob smacking consequences.  This paper is 12 pages and is descriptive and pedagogical. It is longer than I wanted, but you can jump to your topic of interest to see the consequences of hyperspin.  Here is the paper:

Hyper-helicity and the foundations of QM.

From my point of view, hyper-helicity answers many questions.  I hope it answers yours.  These are my views.  I am interested in yours:

  • Introduction–summary of hyper-helicity
  • Non-Hermiticity–required for coherence
  • Spin spacetime–beyond our dimension
  • From free-flight to detection
    • Free-flight–no polarization (no-quibits) only helicity
    • Entanglement and non-locality–incompatible
    • Analysis of ”Quantum Weirdness”, qubits and c-bits–a local realist replacement of non-locality.  Rejection of quantum teleportation:  Bennett et al.
    • A slit–one spin gives fringes
    • Dirac spin is measured spin–but it is not complete
  • Antimatter and hole theory–no anti-matter is formed, the negative energy is the second axis spinning on the same particle
  • Black holes and wormholes–cannot be entangled
  • Standard Model–SU(2) to Q_8, conserve chirality on decay
  • Violation of BI and local-realism–violation supports local realism, reject Zeilger et al and the Big Bell Test.
  • Interpretations of quantum mechanics–maybe resolved with higher dimensions
  • Completeness of quantum mechanics–No Bell’s theorem, QM is incomplete as EPR stated.
  • Conclusions–we must develop a quantum theory that extends beyond our space time.

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