EPR Paradox

Open Challenge to Charles Bennett to retract the 1993 teleportation paper

To Charles Bennett, Your 1993 paper on quantum teleportation, below, makes use of non-local collapse, Eq.(4), or basically, "If Alice is up then Bob is instantly down."  over space-time. This concept is fundamentally flawed.  It is based upon Bell's Theorem,... Read more

EPR Paradox

Open Challenge to Anton Zeilinger to retract a paper

I have asked Nature to retract the paper by Anton Zeilinger and 99 other authors: Challenging local realism with human choices  In light of my recent discoveries, the conclusion he reaches is incorrect.  I can show  the opposite, and that... Read more

EPR Paradox

Nature Physics Rejected my Paper

Nature Physics rejected my paper for peer review.  In retrospect I am not surprised because I am naïve about many things.  I attach my rebuttal below.  I thought that the first rejection might have been an oversight, but a second... Read more

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