Your dad

By Bryan Sanctuary 1967 When you were very young and small And opened up your mind, You saw the gentle loving face Of your dad, and his smile was kind. He picked you up and bounced you With strong and... Read more


Standing on the shore

By Bryan Sanctuary 1966 Suppose you stand upon a shore Across the sea of time, I’ll cross and come up to your side, And take your hand in mine. I So often when your nearness comes And I remember all,... Read more


Rattling twigs

By Bryan Sanctuary February 1st, 1967 When the rain beats down and I feel depressed And the sky is grey, and the walls are drab, Out of my window bare twigs rattle As if my thoughts are loose in my... Read more


Cod Liver Oil

on thinking of cod’s liver this is what I don’t want to say since other’s will not listen if i don’t then I must; “i don’t like cod liver oil” did they hear?


On Waking up at Night

By Bryan Sanctuary May 1971 At night I hear the whistle blow When the land is very still. It lingers in the silent air And screams across the hill. It brings a shudder to my soul With anguish it does... Read more

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I started this blog in January of 2022. My old blogs are still available from the pull-down menu above. I stopped blogging for some time, but now will be back.

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