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Rain in Ukraine

Photo by   Alexei Scutari Rain in Ukraine By Bryan Sanctuary May 16, 2022 It rained today, it started light but thunder rumbled soon, The land lay back to drink the gift and planned its coming bloom. The humid air with... Read more

High School 1962-3

and he said

And he said…ByBryan Sanctuary 1962-63 High School I ask you brother… “What do you feel when all in a rushPeople trample you down notGiving a damn or caring orThinking just goingAnd saying ‘to Hell with thatSomeone, he’sJust aNo-oneAnd I’m betterThan him, cuz... Read more

High School 1962-3


HandinhandByBryan Sanctuary 1964(influenced by E. E. Cummings) and said i to her as on we walked,            ‘the sun is real                        and the moona ghost, a naïve reflection of the sun’ again said i,’ i believe, believe i, that all    is... Read more

High School 1962-3

The Inquisition Coffee House

(Note: on Seymore Street in Vancouver in the sixties there was a coffee house called The Inquisition. It was owned by Howie Bateman, and they had old folk singers from the depression era come. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee were... Read more

High School 1962-3


By Bryan Sanctuary age 18 1963 Physics be blasted, chemistry too, What do I care if blue is blue, Or red is purple under blue light Or is that wrong, I’m never right Who cares for maths, quadratics and squares,... Read more

High School 1962-3

Talking eyes

By Bryan Sanctuary (1963) “So love me please” she said With sweet soft eyes And a tilt of her head; With soft still lips That held my heart in a grip As she stood in the shade We met in... Read more

High School 1962-3

Summer Strength

By Bryan Sanctuary (1963) So little time it seems to me Since last I saw you soil. And held your moisture in my hand To cool me as I toil. So soon the year come ‘round again, The time to... Read more

High School 1962-3

High School Love

By Bryan Sanctuary 1963-age 17 I saw you first so pure and sweet As you walked by one day. But you weren’t mine to hold or kiss Until the month of May. Before you were a perfect dream, I’d muse... Read more

High School 1962-3


By Bryan Sanctuary 1962-3 high school Let’s play a game of fantasy of things that never are’ “We’d might king and queen, with a castle and a guard, In our kingdom we’d justly rule, we’d ride about the garden. You’d... Read more

High School 1962-3


By Bryan Sanctuary 1962 and so said i ‘look, what do you see?’ said she, ‘a golden orb that isn’t true, like you and me.’ ‘no, you glanced—look – conceive the kind-red-soul’ and she said nothing but held my hand.... Read more

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