High School 1962-3

High School Love

By Bryan Sanctuary 1963-age 17 I saw you first so pure and sweet As you walked by one day. But you weren’t mine to hold or kiss Until the month of May. Before you were a perfect dream, I’d muse... Read more

High School 1962-3


By Bryan Sanctuary 1962-3 high school Let’s play a game of fantasy of things that never are’ “We’d might king and queen, with a castle and a guard, In our kingdom we’d justly rule, we’d ride about the garden. You’d... Read more

High School 1962-3


By Bryan Sanctuary 1962 and so said i ‘look, what do you see?’ said she, ‘a golden orb that isn’t true, like you and me.’ ‘no, you glanced—look – conceive the kind-red-soul’ and she said nothing but held my hand.... Read more


Cod Liver Oil

on thinking of cod’s liver this is what I don’t want to say since other’s will not listen if i don’t then I must; “i don’t like cod liver oil” did they hear?


On Waking up at Night

By Bryan Sanctuary May 1971 At night I hear the whistle blow When the land is very still. It lingers in the silent air And screams across the hill. It brings a shudder to my soul With anguish it does... Read more

Songs of my salad years


By Bryan Sanctuary October1967Have you felt the softness,And touched it with your lips?Have you seen the blackness,Slip through your fingertips?Have you seen the morning dewIn the corner of a flower?And have you felt a filling warmthIn any special hour?I felt... Read more

Songs of my salad years

Memories of May

Sometimes the days are carefree       When springtime fills the air, And time stands still in blue and green       While dappled shades dance everywhere To liven up the scene.   Silent boats slip slowly by       Across the hazy... Read more


My Poetry 1962-1974

I started writing poetry when I attended Delbrook High School in North Vancouver in 1962-3. My English-40 teachers, whose name I cannot recall, encouraged it. At the same time, I frequented the Inquisition Coffee House on Seymour Street in Vancouver,... Read more

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