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Rain in Ukraine

Photo by   Alexei Scutari Rain in Ukraine By Bryan Sanctuary May 16, 2022 It rained today, it started light but thunder rumbled soon, The land lay back to drink the gift and planned its coming bloom. The humid air with... Read more

Songs of my salad years

My daughter

By dad Early 1980’s What is now is gone too soon, For as you read these lies, The clock ticks on and never stops And marks the hours with solid chimes. Again a year snaps up on you To mark... Read more

Songs of my salad years

The Times that We Had

By Bryan Sanctuary circa ‘early ‘70’s ….and sometimes I sit and think of the days When time seemed to have no limit. And now I just lie awake every night And remember the times that we had. For now every... Read more

Songs of my salad years

Summer Wings and Mountain Springs

By Bryan Sanctuary, circa 1972-3 The closest and the farthest thoughts, The oldest and the young, So summer wings and mountain springs And cherry blossoms sing. The meadow sees the grazing cows, The farmer with his dog. The winding river... Read more

Songs of my salad years

Ode to my First Born

Bryan Sanctuary August 4th, 1972 Tell me what the heart feels And tell me of the joy, To hold for the first time Your new-born baby boy. The worried look upon my face As I held her squeezing hand. “Another... Read more

Songs of my salad years


By Bryan Sanctuary June 27, 1972 Sometimes you sit and wonder And let your mind go free, To seek out little thoughts gone by Of things that used to be. Through little paths on long lost trails You sail upon... Read more

Songs of my salad years

Upon the Heather Bed

By Bryan Sanctuary June 7, 1972 Forget about the city-wide, Forget about the toil, Come bathe with me in countryside, Let me taste your fragrant oil. Away with midnight thoughts he’d sail, To see her through the mist. Up to... Read more

Songs of my salad years


By Bryan Sanctuary, June 27, 1972 Whenever I feel the coming of spring With the running of sap in the trees, The scent of the woods all dewy and damp, And the song of the birds with the breeze. I... Read more

Songs of my salad years

Our Picnic

Bryan Sanctuary June 5, 1972 on Hill 378 overlooking The Meuse Valley We sat in our shady forest place Not far from a field where daisies grew And on the soft moss, we laid out a sheet While all the... Read more

Songs of my salad years


Bryan Sanctuary May 23, 1972 We sat in a place and held hands in the meadow. We laughed at a squirrel and heard the bird song. The joy of our spot our hearts couldn’t hide. We’d return many times with... Read more

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