EPR Paradox

Spin in free flight

I was bound by confidentiality while my paper was under review by Nature.  Now I can reveal the main point that rejects non-locality. The abstact: In this paper, using the basic concepts of superposition, wave-function collapse and non-local entanglement, we... Read more

EPR Paradox

Open Challenge to Charles Bennett to retract the 1993 teleportation paper

To Charles Bennett, Your 1993 paper on quantum teleportation, below, makes use of non-local collapse, Eq.(4), or basically, "If Alice is up then Bob is instantly down."  over space-time. This concept is fundamentally flawed.  It is based upon Bell's Theorem,... Read more

EPR Paradox

Open Challenge to Anton Zeilinger to retract a paper

I have asked Nature to retract the paper by Anton Zeilinger and 99 other authors: Challenging local realism with human choices  In light of my recent discoveries, the conclusion he reaches is incorrect.  I can show  the opposite, and that... Read more

EPR Paradox

Nature Physics Rejected my Paper

Nature Physics rejected my paper for peer review.  In retrospect I am not surprised because I am naïve about many things.  I attach my rebuttal below.  I thought that the first rejection might have been an oversight, but a second... Read more

High School 1962-3

and he said

And he said…ByBryan Sanctuary 1962-63 High School I ask you brother… “What do you feel when all in a rushPeople trample you down notGiving a damn or caring orThinking just goingAnd saying ‘to Hell with thatSomeone, he’sJust aNo-oneAnd I’m betterThan him, cuz... Read more

High School 1962-3


HandinhandByBryan Sanctuary 1964(influenced by E. E. Cummings) and said i to her as on we walked,            ‘the sun is real                        and the moona ghost, a naïve reflection of the sun’ again said i,’ i believe, believe i, that all    is... Read more

Logging Camp 1962-3

cat and bat

For two summers, 1962 and 1963, I worked in a logging camp.  It was located at Alice Lake, (not far from Bob’s Lake), about 30 minutes by float plane from Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, on the mainland. The men,... Read more

Robert Service

The Ballard of the Ice-worm Cocktail

A poem by Robert Service [video width="1170" height="1038" mp4="http://blog.mchmultimedia.com//wp-content/uploads/2022/01/IceWormCocktail.mp4"][/video]

Songs of the EPR paradox

Beyond the Dawn.

 Beyond the Dawn.ByBryan SanctuaryDecember 29, 2021 I feel an eerie frost descend     to freeze the morning dew,The sunlight scatters in sparkling rays     To polarize my view. The dancing light lifts my heart,    In ways I cannot know,But Nature seems to work it... Read more

Songs of the EPR paradox

To know it’s real

By Bryan Sanctuary December 13, 2021 Within the bounds set by science, I gaze with growing wonder At what’s revealed and finally comes, From many years of ponder. And ponder, yes, it can’t be helped, For the rewards are far... Read more

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