Songs of my salad years


Bryan Sanctuary May 1972 Past our narrow realm of knowledge, And out beyond our dell, I wonder if a thought exists, Or if there is a smell. Maybe noses see the light, And eyes can feel the warmth, Maybe fingers... Read more

Songs of my salad years

The Gypsy Dialogue

Bryan Sanctuary February 8, 1972 It rises up and falls away And the leaves flick from green to grey. Always it happens, the wind from the sea Catches your heart and swirls it from me. “Oh, where is the darkness,... Read more

Nela my hippie friend

My Garden

By Nela 1966 I do not own this garden, but to you alone I show The flowers that I care for and am in awe as they grow. Before you leave me, take my hand and walk across the lawn,... Read more

Nela my hippie friend

Once there was a Lapwing’s Flight

by Nela Once there was the sunlight and my life was just a word, Dancing lightly on willow leaves and trilling like a bird. I conceived of his reality as salt on ocean breeze As it shattered in the summer... Read more

Logging Camp 1962-3

The Tree

The logging camp had the policy that we worked for 10 days and got 4 days off. The crew would all leave to let off steam, and it saved on air travel. I had no-where to go and Vancouver was... Read more

Logging Camp 1962-3

The Jam at the Flume

In 1962-63 at a logging camp in Northern B.C., we transported logs from the lake to a river via a ¼ mile flume. The dam by the lake was opened, and the logs pushed down. My job was to watch... Read more


Your dad

By Bryan Sanctuary 1967 When you were very young and small And opened up your mind, You saw the gentle loving face Of your dad, and his smile was kind. He picked you up and bounced you With strong and... Read more


Standing on the shore

By Bryan Sanctuary 1966 Suppose you stand upon a shore Across the sea of time, I’ll cross and come up to your side, And take your hand in mine. I So often when your nearness comes And I remember all,... Read more


Rattling twigs

By Bryan Sanctuary February 1st, 1967 When the rain beats down and I feel depressed And the sky is grey, and the walls are drab, Out of my window bare twigs rattle As if my thoughts are loose in my... Read more

High School 1962-3

The Inquisition Coffee House

(Note: on Seymore Street in Vancouver in the sixties there was a coffee house called The Inquisition. It was owned by Howie Bateman, and they had old folk singers from the depression era come. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee were... Read more

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